Amy PharmD

Hello World

Hello, I’m Amy, a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD).

I created this website to understand more about technology and its impact on my profession. I will use this forum as a medium to create blogs that share my learnings. My first lesson was to figure out how-the-heck to create a blog post and publish it to the Internet.


My partner kindly bootstrapped this website. At a glance, this required:

  1. Registering the domain name
  2. Finding a hosting service for the website on the Internet - GitHub Pages.
  3. Adopting a framework to generate the website - HUGO.
  4. Setting up a content editor on my computer - Visual Studio Code.
  5. Creating scripts to help generate and preview the website, then deploy it to the hosting service.

I don’t know how he did it, but I now have all the infrastructure on my computer to create and publish a blog.


As with everything, there’s always a gotcha. The HUGO website framework uses Markdown as the default content format. Everything you are reading in this blog post was written in Markdown. When HUGO generates the website, it converts the Markdown into a format understood by a web browser. It turns out it’s a very easy and useful language to learn in the technology space.

I refer to this Markdown cheat sheet regularly 😉